This product is bound to be received with great enthusiasm by people who want to guard their privacy from the paparazzi. Developed by designer Kok-Chian Leong, this innovative spray, called Blur, makes sure that a person remains incognito in photographs. Though this is good news for the rich and the famous, the paparazzi, will, no doubt, be up in arms against this product.

Highlights of the reflective spray Blur
a. This spray has reflective nanoparticles that neutralize camera sensors.
b. It is effective if the picture is being taken by a digital camera.
c. It can be sprayed on to the face of a person.
d. It ensures that in photographs, a sprayed face looks like a white flash.
e. It ensures that if people want to avoid being photographed in certain situations, they can.

a. This spray is useless if the photograph is being taken by an analog camera or a digital SLR.