Often we see bad photographs of celebrities in the media. We sigh and just say, 'The camera never lies.' This may not always be true. Photography is a tricky subject and it is the way that a photographer handles the shoot that makes a picture bad or good. Paparazzi photographers who follow celebrities 24/7 just keep clicking and this leads to disastrous results. There are a host of other considerations to take into account like the lenses used, lighting used, angle taken and the clothes to be worn.

What makes a bad celebrity photograph ?
a. Lighting is one of the most important aspect of a photo, a good photo can be attributed to good lighting and bad photographs are blamed on lighting. Harsh lights should be avoided as it reveals the flaws of the skin.
b. White dresses should be avoided since it tends to make the photographed person look fatter.
e. Telephoto lenses can distort the size of the photographed person by magnifying celebrities and make them look bigger, thinner or fatter.
f. Close ups of a person can look bad since the distance between the ears and nose is reduced in the photograph.
g. Wide angle lenses make a person look unnaturally wide and tall.