arlene-phillips-2305.jpgDubbed as the Queen of Mean after ripping people to shreds with her damning comments as a judge on BBC reality shows Strictly Come Dancing and Strictly Dance Fever. 62-year-old Arlene Phillips has earned a reputation as the female Simon Cowell for her acid-tounged-put-downs. She says there is a lot of pressure to be on T.V and people dont want to see an old hag looking back at them on T.V. That is the reason she tried Botox, even though she hated needles. She says she might have it again if she comes back for another series. But Arlene's other secret of staying young was eating right. She has lost a half since January and whittled herself down to a slim 8st 7lbs, boosting her confidence. Arlene has been trying to lower her weight for decades, but after her 2nd daughter's pregnancy at 48, she ballooned. She struggled to get back in shape. Arlene followed her own eating regimen of cutting out calorie-laden foods and going swimming every day. She was also carrying fruit, such that she could eat it throughout the day.