Who doesn't want to look good? But for stars, it is imperative that they shine during any awards ceremonies. They often talk about their clothes and accessories, but when it comes to physical looks, most of them will never admit that they have had a skin job done. It is an open secret that plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists and dentists are kept busy just before any awards ceremonies. Here we talk about some of the popular procedures used by famous personalities.

Highlights of pre-awards beauty procedures

One-stitch face lift
a. This procedure has been started by Dr. Renato Calabria.
b. The name of the procedure comes from the fact that there is only one stitch used just below the hairline on each side of the face.
c. It is less time consuming and more effective to correct sagging skin and wrinkles.
d. People in their late 30s go for this procedure.
e. A patient needs only 4 days to recuperate fully.
f. It costs around $5,000.

Volumetric face lift
a. This procedure is done by Dr. Richard Ellenbogen from Beverly Hills Body.
b. Volumetric face lift helps add volume to the face by the extraction of fat from the patient's abdomen and injecting it under the eyes, cheeks or between the nose and mouth to give the face a youthful look.
c. Patients need four to six weeks to recuperate following the procedure.
d. Volumetric face lift costs about $15,000 and the results are long lasting.

Power teeth bleaching
a. This procedure is used to whiten teeth.
b. A whitening gel is first applied on the teeth and then a light is directed on the teeth to help in absorption.
c. A side effect is sensitive teeth for a day or two.
d. This procedure can be done at home also.
e. Dentists recommend to have this procedure done a couple of weeks before the big day.
f. It costs about $500 to 1000.

Dermacia MD's Lycogel
a. This is a triple silica gel treatment used to help the skin recover faster after a chemical peel or microdermabrasion.
b. It is available with plastic surgeons and dermatologists.
c. This product has been developed by Barry Knapp.
d. It increases oxygen intake of the skin.
e. It can also be used on healthy skin.
f. This procedure hides the skin's blemishes.
g. It cost $78 per half ounce.