Seema-Boesky-1505.jpgSeema Boesky is the ex-wife of Ivan Boesky, the notorious Wall Street figure who became a household name in the 1980s after paying $100 million to settle insider-trading charges and serving two years in prison.

Seema is now a columnist for the monthly Westchester Wag magazine, in suburban Westchester County north of New York. Her columns are fair and frank. For example, she is utterly unabashed in her embrace of plastic surgery, specifically as a way to renew one's self-confidence.

Seema Says that Botox and collagen injections may work, but may also send you back for more in short order. Laser surgery is good for small veins on the face, but not the legs. And face lifts are well worth it "if you have $20,000 or so lying around."

"I'm really comfortable in my own skin," she says in the interview, with no apparent irony. "I view whatever cosmetic surgery I've done no differently than the woman who puts on lipstick or buys high heels."