cate-blanchett-2405.jpgAt this year's Cannes Internationl Film Festival, celebrities are being offered free plastic surgery. Big actors, including Australia's Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman, are being offered plenty of free loot at the annual glitzy film fest. "We are doing some crazy stuff here like $US 5000 ($A6,620) free plastic surgery," said Gavin Kelly, who organised the VIN Grand Metropolitan Gifting Salon. "We are giving free laser eye surgery, so our whole gift bag is worth $US40,000 ($A52,962). Giving freebies to celebrities is nothing new but having a designated gift suite is a new thing for Cannes. For years, top designers, and consumer companies have sent presents to celebrities attending the glamorous festival. In return, the gift-givers take photos of the celeb wearing or carrying their product. By getting those pictures of the celebrities, the companies are then able to use those pictures as marketing materials.