At the age of 52, it is difficult for a woman to be with youthful and charming face (without wrinkles, fine lines etc) but it is not in the case of Hollywood star Kim Basinger. Recently in a press conference in Beverly Hills, the Oscar-winning actress appeared to have no fine lines, wrinkles, smooth forehead and fuller lips. It is thought to be the result of clever soft lighting - or a highly skilled make-up artist because she has never admitted to undergo plastic surgery. Alex Karidis, a plastic surgeon opines that it seems she might have undergone cosmetic surgery to get back the youthful look. The scar at the bottom of her ear lobe is seemingly appears like a scar which forms after facelift surgery. Soft lighting and well-applied make-up might be the other reasons. As she is known to be a fan of collagen therapy gel, she might have applied that to improve the beauty of face

Photo: Kim Basinger's photo on the left shows her two years ago and, right photo shows her today

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