Nicole-Richie-1405.jpgNicole Richie may get inspired by Ashlee Simpson, the simple life star confided to British magazine TV Hits, that she hates her nose.

Nicole has said that she is fed up with all the talk about her weight, but has said she would change the appearance of her nose. She also added that living in LA she sees a lot of nose jobs, but it’s a big decision.

Recently TMZ has reported a video showing Richie leaving a building which is home to a major plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Photographers tracked her as she left the Specialty Surgical Center on Brighton Way.

The building she walked into is home to several medical offices, one being a specialist in facial plastic surgery and breast augmentation. Responding to photographers outside the office, Richie said, "I am not getting plastic surgery." Calls to Richie's reps weren't returned.

After that stop, Richie, 24, continued on her trip, arriving at the Roxsan Advanced Imaging Center for the next appointment. Roxsan specializes in CAT scans, MRIs, and nuclear imaging to view bone structure.