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Default Breast handling techniques for men !

Boobs are like snowflakes: every one is unique, but if you know the right moves you'll have them melting on your tongue.

Large breasts
The bigger they are, the more stimulation they can handle. A University of Vienna study found that big mammaries were 24 percent less sensitive than small ones. "It's because the nerve that transmits sensation from the nipple is stretched," says plastic surgeon Alan Matarasso. Be firm with your tongue and try experimenting with light nibbling.

Small breasts
She'll be able to handle more motion than larger-chested women, so use your palms to cup and gently bounce them. That's during sex, not during breakfast.

Large nipples
Because they have more nerve endings, big nipples are often hyper-sensitive, says Dr Matarasso. Steer clear until she's good and aroused. In the meantime, try massaging the outside of her breasts, just below the armpit - it's a sensitive spot that's usually neglected.

Small nipples
Senstion-wise you're dealing with the opposite of big nipples here, so search out the sensitive zones. It's actually the areola - the dark-coloured circle that surrounds the nipple - that's more sensitive than the central target itself. If her areolas are smaller than 3.5 centimetres across, focus especially on the upper quadrant between the 10 and two o'clock. It's the bull's-eye within the bull's eye.

Droopy breasts
She might be highly sensitive about them, but droopies are the least sensitive there are. Not only are the nerves stretched, they're compressed by the weight of the breast. Get her to lie on her back - it'll cause her boobs to shift up and out, relieving tension on the nerves and helping her focus on the pleasure.

Surgically enhanced breasts
It's not often you come across them, but you certainly want to be prepared if you do. If her implants were done properly they won't interfere with sensation, but they will move differently. Rather than trying to manipulate them, concentrate on the surface of her breasts. Use your tongue to make circles that gradually spiral in towards her nipple. And resist the temptation to phone your mates with the news.

New-mum breasts
Women who are breast-feeding often have tender nipples. Best to avoid them altogether and focus instead on the underside of the bosom, which is frequently neglected. Use your hands to gently cup and support them.
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