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Default Synergie Machine for Lymphatic massage?

Has anyone ever heard of using this machine to do a lymphatic massage? I went to a place today to get a lymphatic massage and this is what they used. The told me alot of people get some treatments before the surgery to and it helps with the healing?
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Synergie is one of those "cellulite treatment" machines. It's made by the Dynatronics company, the corporation's Synergie webpage can be found at

Have you read the stickie (at the top of the lipo page here) about "Finding a LDM Therapist?" I'm no expert, by any means, but it would seem to me that in the hands of a person qualified to give LDM, any of the cellulite machines could be beneficial. From what I've read, it's the exact motion/direction of the massage that causes drainage to be improved.

Hopefully, several of the more knowledgeable members here will weigh in on your query!
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Default Re: Synergie Machine for Lymphatic massage?

just had my massage done today using this machine. Felt great afterwards.
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Default Re: Synergie Machine for Lymphatic massage?

Hi everyone,

I had a similar machine in a medical spa that was own by a surgeon and we stopped using the machine because we realized that it had short term gain by inducing localized swelling to remove the appearance of cellulites. The "all natural" machine used a mixture of Cinnamon as a conductor and a small pulsating laser. After using it on my self, I got the image of someone pinching my bottom with a small electrical current.

I am a biologist I have done research and as a part of my training, I studied bad research programs. Please be aware that its easy to build a research platform that is going to state a product runs a certain way. I don't approve of any machine for MLD that I have not worked with for at least a year. This gives me a real understanding of the product.

If you would like to use a machine, look into the Flexi-touch. It is covered by Medicare as a medical device. When a company states something is FDA approved, they could be using the device in a way that it was not intended for. For example, I could have something approved to reduce appearance of spider veins, but then I tell my patient that I can use it to remove varicose bulging veins. A very different situation.

Currently, I am in one of the most advanced lymphedema clinics and new products are showing up on the market. I am proud to be apart of a team that is researching these products with a local university.

I currently do not support the synergie machine for lymphatic massage if a person has been diagnosed with lymphedmea or if they are planning a surgery. For a person that does not have lymphdemea or they are not having a surgery, I say give it a try because you might enjoy it.
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