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Default Gaining weight after tummy tuck

Hi everyone i'm new. I have been looking for a forum specifically for this topic, so I'm going to jump right into why I'm here. long story short. I've had a weight problem all of my life. I tried exercise, fade diets, supplements, diet pills with short term sucess. Then one day I looked in the mirror and saw a thinner reflection of me and that's when I decided to make the necessary changes to lose weight. Horray I did it! I lost 80lbs. However I wasn't consistant with with exercise or wieght training. Needless to say, after losing all of that weight. I had sagging skin so I decided to have a tummy tuck along with lipo. Besides the pain, horrible scaring and keloids, the tummy tuck, diet and exercise help me see the thinner reflection in the mirror I whe I was 80lbs heavier

That was 1 year and 9 months ago. Sadly due to depression. I let myself regain 15 to 20 pounds, I'm not sure of the exact amount because i don't like weighing myself. Anyway, I was wondering when I take the weight back off is it possible to get the same results I had after my tummy tuck. The result of the tummy tuck and lipo aren't completely gone. I'm still curvacious, however the fat around my bra line and back has come back and i do have some belly fat that looks and feels like I'm bloated. I can't afford to have more lipo and i am to ashamed to go back to my doctor for advice. Can anyone help me?
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Try bodyflex
For the first week of employment under program BodyFlex (every day for 15 minutes) it is possible to reduce the waist on 10-35sm. At technique application no additional diets or employment are necessary. 15 minutes in day - also are ready. I for 90 days of regular employment have replaced a clothing size with 52 on 40-42
Good luck
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well i havent had a tummy tuck but when i went to a couple of consultations all of the mds say the same thing. i u had a tt with muscle repair which is what i need because of my 3 kids that even if i gain weight that my belly will remain flat. they said i may get wide but my belly will always remain flat because that was one of my big questions not that i want to gain a lot of weight and all but if i did what would happen. hope that helps
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