Frederic-Fekkai-hair-growth-products.jpg Hollywood stylist Frederic Fekkai has come out with 4 new hair growth products. The company claims that it promotes hair growth and increases the hair density on the scalp. The new product line is having more female following, although it is meant for both men and women.

Hair care product features
a. Developes dense hair growth and does away hair thinning.
b. Its active ingredient Niaplex, is clinically proven to develop and strengthen scalp's natural barrier and helps follicle health and resilience.
c. It posses ingredient named Niacin derivative, which can control hormone responsible for hair loss, when applied on scalp.
d. New product line would be available for sale at Frederic Fekkai salons and Sephora stores.
e. This new product line consists 4 products. They are Scalp-Purifying Shampoo, Root Nourishing Conditioner, All-Day Density Styling Whip, and Nighttime Follicle-Boosting Treatment.
f. Nighttime Follicle-Boosting Treatment costs $35 and the remaining three products are priced at $25.