hair-loss-in-women.jpg Hair fall in women is often a condition where the causes is not known, unlike men and might push them into depression. Hair loss in women is perfectly normal and the average women sheds 50 to 100 hairs everyday. Hair fall in women is basically a genetic condition or out of auto-immune disorder where one's own immunity weakens hair follicles. Apart from this thyroid disorders, nutritional deficiencies, anemia
and heavy stress and strain can aggravate the condition. Other hair style conditions is caused by cornrow braids and other tight hairstyles.

The popular treatment available is administration of drug, Rogaine that has properties of arresting hair fall. It has to be used for at least 4-months. Cortisone treatment is also administered along with Rogaine. These drugs strengthen hair follicles and thus prevent further hair loss. Marty Monroe who is victim of alopecia areata has led a Bay Area support group for alopecia areata victims.