hair-fall-in-women.jpg Hair fall in women is not too uncommon these days, Dermatologists can diagnose if women have female-pattern baldness. At an average woman shed 5-100 hairs per day, which is considered normal. These days, there are a number of online communities which aid women suffering from hair fall. Some known causes for womens hair fall are Thyroid problems, autoimmune disorders, medications and lack of balanced diet apart from genetic factors.

LLLT Procedure Highlights

a. A laser machine delivers a revolving energy to the scalp.
b. There is no cutting or burning sensation while undergoing this treatment.
c. The LLLT device resembles a hair dryer.
d. The red light from the laser travels deep into the tissue without damaging the skin and scalp.
e. The procedure is noninvasive and dosent use any chemicals.
f. Studies have shown that LLLT stops hair loss in 85% of the cases and stimulates new hair growth in about 55% of cases.
g. LLLT treatment is not FDA approved for hair loss.
h. There have not been any documented side effects of the LLLT treatment.
i. Patients who have used the LLLT treatment for hair loss feel that their hair is fuller, thicker and stronger.