Thanks to a Brazilian plastic surgeon and the creator of Preview Long Hair Transplantation, Marcelo Pitchon of Belo Horizonte, M.G., Brazil, hair transplantation patients can now preview an image of themselves before the procedure. The use of long hair in follicular unit transplantation makes this possible. Dr. Pitchon has written about this procedure in the Hair Transplant Forum International, the official publication of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Procedure Highlights
a. In this procedure, 1 to 2 cm of long hair is left on the head before transplantation and this provides a preview on the day of surgery of how patients will look about one year after growth.
b. This long hair is temporary and will start to fall out at about 2 to 4 weeks.
c. The definitive hair growth starts at three months.
d. The scalp and hair has to be washed during and at the end of the procedure.
e. A blow dryer and wide-tooth comb are used to dry and style the hair when the procedure is complete.
f. Patients are advised not to pull out hair in the first 3 days after transplantation while combing their hair.
g. This procedure can be used on both women and men.
h. This procedure allows the patient to leave the clinic in a more optimistic mood

Photo Credit: Limmer Hair Transplant