hair-counting-software.jpgResearchers from CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences in Sydney have developed a new software that can be used to analyze the exact number of hairs in a patch of skin. Developed in collaboration with a UK personal care products company, this software can be of great help to scientists who are developing hair removal creams to accurately assess how well they work. The findings of the research have been published in the latest issue of the journal Skin Research and Technology.

Highlights of the new software
a. This software uses images captured by a small flatbed scanner pressed onto the skin.
b. It uses a mathematical algorithm to identify and trace each individual hair by relying on the understanding of a hair's unique features, like its relative straightness.
c. It can differentiate between hairs and other features on the skin like wrinkles, wounds or moles.
d. Earlier and later images can be compared to determine the rate of hair growth.
e. The accuracy of the software was positively checked manually by the researchers by counting the hair strands.
f. This software can also be used in testing the effectiveness of balding treatments and counting or tracing substances other than hairs, that are long and thin and otherwise difficult to image.