nu-hart-hair-transplantation.jpg Hair transplantation is considered the best option to get rid of baldness, but some people are skeptical about the procedure. Now, Nu/Hart offers two simple hair transplantation techniques which show great results. The two techniques are Micro-grafting and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or NeoGrafting.

Features of Micro-grafting technology
a. This technique is performed through a traditional linear method of donor extraction.
b. In a single visit up to 3000 grafts can be possible with this technique.
c. The bald and thinning areas are transplanted with individual follicular units by using a micro surgical technique.

Features of NeoGrafting Technique
a. This technique involves in harvesting individual follicular units of hair from the donor site.
b. Soon after that, the thinning and balding areas are transplanted with harvested individual follicular units.
c. There will be no linear donor scars or conventional linear donor incisions, no stitches and bandages.
d. This safe and permanent transplantation technique does not let you feel discomfort during the procedure.
e. This procedure requires mild anesthesia and one or two sessions are enough for you to get maximum results.
f. For more information visit: or call 800-776-7775.