hair-loss-in-men.jpg Hair loss or hair fall in men is predominantly due to hereditary factors and other causes like illness, thyroid abnormalities, major surgery, medications, or low iron levels. Although hair loss cannot be prevented, it can be treated with drugs and other procedures.

Treatment options to regrow hair

a. Minoxidil (trademarked as Rogaine) when applied topically, stimulates hair growth in about 50%-55% of the people. Minoxidil is effective for people suffering hair loss on the crown.
b. Finasteride trademarked as Propecia pill if taken once a day, has shown hair re-growth in 48% of the people who have used Propecia.
c. There is a surgical method in which the scalp which does not grow hair is removed and the areas where there is hair growth is pulled towards the balding region.
d. Another popular method is hair transplantation, in which hair follicles are planted.