LumaTweeze-painless-hair-removal.jpg Getting rid of unwanted hair is a real pain. It often involves painful procedures that are not effective is removing fine and short hair. Now, with Tweez'e this problem is likely to be solved. This is an automatic device that is absolutely painless.

Highlights of Tweez'e
a. This is an automatic device.
b. It makes removal of facial hair easy and smooth.
c. It is meant for both men and women.
d. This device makes it possible to remove the smallest and finest hair with ease.
e. All one needs to do is move the device in a rapid circle motion without applying pressure over the area to be cleaned.
f. It can be used on all skin types.
g. It leaves the skin soft and stubble free.
h. There is no fear of nicks and cuts and it is painless.
i. It can be sued on the lip, chin, knees, cheeks, toes, bikini line and underarms.

It is not meant for use on the eyebrows.

$9.99 plus tax, to buy click here