The Alberta-based drug development company Quest PharmaTech Inc has received clearance from “Therapeutic Products Directorate” of Health Canada to conduct clinical trials on 50 patients to find the appropriate light dose to be used with topical gel, for its hair removal applications Lead Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)compound SL017.

Study Highlights
a. The trials are intended to study results of using combination of SL017 Topical Gel with Intense Pulse Light for hair removal.
b. The prevailing laser hair removal techniques require one to undergo 4-8 sessions and the results are not full-scale. And also they cannot remove red, white hairs. The SL017, if successful, would aid overcome all this limitations.
c. The SL017 if approved would only require one treatment for permanent hair removal
d. There will be a significant cost savings with SL017 over traditional laser hair removal procedures ( which range from $50 - $250 / session and 4 – 8 sessions are required per treatment )