Dark skinned people now have a new laser option for removing unwanted hair. The CoolGlide CV Laser Hair Removal system from Cutera improves upon the disadvantages associated with most laser procedures like scarring and discoloration. This is the first laser cleared by the FDA for permanent reduction of hair in patients of all skin types.

Major Advantages
a. 1064 nm wavelength with the 10 mm spot size provides better penetration.
b. It targets the hair follicles without harming the epidermis.
c. It is particularly effective on men & women with dark skin.
d. It can treat large as well as small areas.
e. The unique power supply maximizes pulse width and repetition rate across the whole area that is to be treated.
f. It has a gold-plated copper cooling which is highly effective in cooling down the skin.
g. It can be safely used by patients suffering from Psuedo-Folliculitis Barbae (PFB).
h. This laser is used for permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation and vascular conditions.
i. This is the first laser for permanent hair reduction on all skin types.
j. It improves skin texture and reduces fine lines and pore size.

Repeated treatments are often required for permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Prices range from $75 per session to $500 for an area.