threading-hair-removal.jpg Threading is an ancient facial hair removal technique which removes hair from the roots. The technique which has originated from Asia is now getting popular in big cities again. This technique works all over the face like on the eyebrows, lips, chin and cheeks. Threading also benefits the skin by exfoliating and massaging, and over a time the facial hair becomes softer and in some cases some clients will have less hair. Many dermatologists and plastic surgeons are recommending their clients to choose threading over waxing. Waxing can cause the skin to stretch, whereas threading pushes the skin instead of pulling it.

Highlights of Threading hair removal technique
a. The procedure lasts for six to eight weeks
b. The process involves splashing baby powder on the face to make the hair move visible and then uses a white cotton thread.
c. The cost of threading on various parts is Brows - $15, Lip area - $15, Cheeks - $20, Chin - $15, Full face - $55