TRIA is the first hair removal laser meant for home use to enter the US beauty device market. It has recently been approved by the FDA for over the counter sales in the US. Rpr Marketing Communications will start a national media relations campaign to build brand awareness.

Highlights of TRIA
a. This is a patented hand-held laser hair removal device.
b. It works by heating hair quickly.
c. It does not require the need for protective eye wear.
d. It comes with a device that enables the user to keep it locked.
e. This device beeps if the laser is safe for use after a person presses the device to the skin.
f. It is meant for use only from the neck down.

a. This device does not work on white, gray, blond or red hair.
b. It is not meant for people with dark skin and those who rarely or never sunburn.
c. The procedure is not entirely painless.

a. It will be available in stores from 2008 spring.
b. It will also be available in some dermatologists' offices.

Under $1,000