The billion dollar med spa industry is now the hotspot for legal litigations. According to a recent report in The New York Law Journal, lawsuits over injuries while undergoing procedures like removal of facial hair, wrinkles and acne scars in medical spas have increased alarmingly. More and more unsatisfied patients are asking for huge settlements due to injuries suffered in such spas.

Lawsuit Highlights
a. Maximum lawsuits are over laser hair removal procedures due to severe burns and scarring.
b. Some patients also complain of serious blood infections.
c. Serious complications arise over these procedures because most of the non-invasive procedures performed are performed here without the supervision of doctors.
d. Medical spas are also not strictly regulated by the state.
e. Medical spas do not fully disclose the risks of procedures.
f. They also do not obtain and document patients’ informed consent.
g. The increasing number of lawsuits are a cause concern, as most of the injuries are permanent and no amounts of compensation can keep the injured happy.
h. While selecting a med spa one has to go through a lot of due diligence and often consult with satisfied patients to gain confidence.