IBR-Dormin.jpg Unwanted hair has been a menace for many people. Now cosmetic manufacturer Symrise has come up with IBR Dormin. This product uses extracts from the bulb of the Narcissus plant to reduce the growth of unwanted hair in the body. This extract is also credited with having anti aging properties.

Review of IBR Dormin
a. This product contains the extract of the narcissus bulb.
b. It can decrease hair growth by slowing down cell proliferation.
c. It has the ability to induce old hair to stop growing while stimulating the growth of new hair.
d. It can help men with shaving problems.
e. It can help women with their hair removal procedures.
f. It can create healthy, younger looking skin.
g. It is suitable for anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, after-sun products and can be used as a whitening agent.