HomeSkinovations Ltd., Tel Aviv, has developed a new hand held hair removal device that is meant for long term hair removal at home. The product Silk'n has been successfully tested on 20 women between the ages of 32 to56 years, with Fitzpatrick skin types 1 to 5 and brown or black terminal hair and is presenting awaiting FDA clearance.

Highlights of the The Silk'n Hair Removal Device
a. This is a pulsed-light hair removal device.
b. It emits wavelengths of 475-1,200 nm and fluences up to 5 J/mm2.
c. It is portable and lightweight.
d. It comes with an internal cooling fan.
e. It runs on regular household current.
f. It beams a self contained light pulse every 3.5 seconds.
g. It is safe and effective.
h. The Food and Drug Administration is likely to give it 510(k) clearance by the end of 2008.

Highlights of the trial
a. It was tested on 20 women.
b. 7 women treated themselves under the axillary region, 3 on the forearm, 5 in the inguinal region and 5 on the lower legs.
c. All volunteers self-administered 3 to 4 light treatments.
d. Treatments were given at 2-week intervals.
e. It was seen that there was a 40 to 75 per cent reduction in hair growth.
f. It was seen that the legs and arms responded better than the underarm and bikini region.
g. Hair re growth was higher on the legs.
h. None of the volunteers reported any complications or pain.

Silk'n is currently not available for sale in the US. Its priced between $250 and $500