A new ultrasound technology for hair removal has been tested and results have shown that it can cause an average hair reduction of 38 per cent after initial treatment. Developed by Applisonix Ltd., developers of ultrasound based solutions for the aesthetic market, this breakthrough technology, Impressa, can offer long-term hair removal solutions. The first device to be powered by this technology is Selectif.

Highlights of the new procedure
a. This procedure uses the proprietary IMPRESA technology.
b. With an ultrasonic head, the acoustic energy is focused directly into the hair shaft, channeling ultrasound energy precisely to the hair root, where the energy is converted into heat.
c. The temperature of the hair root rapidly exceeds the level that is required to cause long-term damage to hair re-growth.
d. The surrounding skin is not affected.
e. It can be used on both men and women.
f. It is safe and effective.
g. It is comparatively less painful and cost effective.
h. It can be applied to all hair and skin tones.
i. It does not have any side effects and can be used on any part of the body.

Highlights of the test
a. This test was conducted on 36 people, both men and women.
b. Participants had different hair and skin tones.
c. On an average, there was a 38 per cent hair reduction compared to the controlled area, which was not treated.