Hair removal has never been so easy. There is no need to go in for painful waxing and electrolysis. Radiancy Ltd has developed no!no! to provide a painless hair removal experience. This device will be sold exclusively through Sephora who has entered into a partnership with no!no! to market it in the United States.

Product Highlights
a. This is a hair removing device that uses the Thermicon technology.
b. It is portable and comes in a sleek design.
c. It is totally painless and effective.
d. A gentle wave of heat is emitted to destroy the hair follicle.
e. The surrounding skin is not harmed in any way.
f. It reduces hair re-growth by almost 64 per cent.
g. This device is available in bright pink, bright blue and black.
h. It can be bought at any Sephora stores and Click here to Buy

$250 inclusive of the unit, five hot blades, cleaning brush, buffer, user manual and an instructional DVD. Click here to Buy