For those, who want to get their hair removed without any harm or pain, can now forget the old hair removal techniques. A new hair removal technique called the Photopneumatic ( PPx ) technology is invented by Dr.Vic Narurkar President of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Surgery (ASCDAS).

Procedure Review

a. The procedure uses a proprietary Photopneumatic (PPx) technology, which is a combination of light and vaccum.
b. A small hand piece is gently rubbed against the treatment area.
c. A small portion of the skin is sucked in, where a light is applied.
d. The light sends highly efficient photons to the desired target at 4-5 times the standard rate.
e. Compared to the laser hair removal technique PPx techniques uses a much lower energy.
f. The procedure is painless, extremely fast and very effective.
g. Study shows that 92.6 % of the patients have shown permanent hair reduction after just 5 - 6 treatments