Though there are a number of hair removal procedures available, each have their own side effects and are lagging behind in terms of giving satisfactory results to patients. A new light therapy called 'Pulsed light therapy' is said to be a perfect procedure to remove hair regardless of the skin type.

Procedure Highlights
a. Pulsed light therapy is highly accurate and less harmful to skin and surrounding tissues, compared to laser hair removal treatment. This is because; the physician can choose energy level, wave length and time frame.
b. The mechanism in the hand piece, cools the area treated, thus, making the treatment a pleasant experience.
c. The light therapy can successfully remove hair from the upper lip, neck, face, underarms, legs, bikini line and chest.
d. Price varies, according to area of hair to be removed. removal. Some clinics offering this procedure offer a no-interest plan and other financing schemes.
e. The patient sees about 20% reduction in hairs.
f. Patients are advised to space 6-8 weeks before each treatment.
f. The side effects of Pulsed light therapy are very few and there are no complications such as burning, developing hyper pigmentation, which are associated with laser treatment.