Hair removal procedures and products form a billion dollar industry. While some of these procedures are expensive others are painful. From razors to waxes and creams, everything has been tried. Now a new laser, Soprano, provides permanent hair removal with minimum discomfort. This procedure was approved by the FDA on November 2005.

Product Highlights
a. This is a new kind of laser procedure for permanent hair removal.
b. Rapid pulses are beamed onto the area from where hair is to be removed.
c. It destroys the hair follicles and prevents regrowth.
d. It is a painless procedure.
e. Two sessions are recommended for maximum benefits.
f. The energy is lower per pulse than other laser hair removal procedures.
g. It is a safe and effective procedure.
h. There is no anesthesia involved.

There is no guarantee that all the hair will be permanently removed.

$600 per session.