vaniqa-hair-removal-cream-fda.jpg Vaniqa cream is the only FDA approved product to reduce facial hair growth in women. In addition to numerous hair removal procedures such as laser hair removal, waxing and threading, now there is a new product called Vaniqa Cream for hair removal on women’s face and other unwanted areas.

Product Review
a. The product is a topical cream, with clinically proven results in reducing facial hair growth in women.
b. The only product approved by FDA, for hair removal.
c. It is low in cost, easy to use without any condition of pain associated with other hair removal techniques such as waxing, and laser treatments.
d. It slows down, the hair growth by blocking an enzyme. Thus reducing the frequency of removing unwanted hairs.
e. It has few side effects on the skin.
f. The product costs $84.00 for 30 gm tube