hot-cold-waxing.jpg Waxing is one of the popular hair removal options along with other options like lasers and threading to remove unwanted hair. Hot waxing and cold waxing are the 2 types available. In the former type, hot wax is applied to the skin and a dry cloth is placed which is ripped to remove hair from the roots. In the later type pre-heated wax is rubbed on skin removing on a quick pull. The results last for 4-8 weeks.

Waxing also leaves pores open, and they can become clogged with dead skin and bacteria, which also can lead to ingrown hairs or bumps. Products like Pre-Kini can temporarily numb the skin before waxing. Products mixed with aloe vera or cucumber can heal and cool the skin after a wax. Many women prefer waxing over shaving, because over time the hair becomes finer. When you shave, the hair gets stronger and darker over time.

Bikini waxes costs $30-$60.