jennifer-connelly-low-eyebrows.jpg High and arched eyebrows have now been pushed aside by the low brow. For years, the high brow had ruled the fashionable set. Women have been plucking and tweezing the brow in the hope of achieving the famous Nicole Kidman look. But studies have shown that the younger generation prefers a low and natural look. Actress Jennifer Connelly is a perfect example of a celebrity embracing low eyebrows trend.

New Beauty Trends
a. The most attractive brow of today is the one that curves low over the eye, reaching a peak height two-thirds of the way along.
b. Women are today resorting to plastic surgery to get the perfectly low eyebrow.
c. Younger people find this trend more attractive.
d. According to the report in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal, the eyebrows are frequently placed too high, with the eyebrow arch in the middle, leaving the patients with an unnatural astonished expression.
e. According to researchers of the University of Regensburg in Germany and Johns Hopkins University in the US, lower brows are the shape of the future.