eye-brow-lift-types.jpg Brow lift is a cosmetic procedure, performed to rectify drooping brows, a phenomena that happens as women grow old. Some of the most common brow lift procedures to lift drooping brows are explained below.

Coronal Procedure: This is the most common type of brow lift. This procedure involves the skin on the eyebrows to be pulled up. This procedure also removes the excess fat and skin on the eyebrow. It raises the hairline.

Endoscopic Browlift: This procedure involves making small incisions on the scalp. The plastic surgeon inserts an endoscope into the incisions and at the same time the surgeon inserts surgical instruments and lifts the forehead skin. The eyebrows are also lifted up. It is a noninvasive method.

Temporal Brow lift: The procedure involves making small incisions on the temples and is similar to endoscipic brow lift.

Corrugator muscle excision: In this procedure the corrugator muscle which is the root cause of frownlines is removed.

Direct brow lift: In this procedure involves making small incisions top of the eyebrows. The procedure dosent involve the hairline or the scalp and only affects the eyebrow.