buttock-implant-surgery-new-york.jpg These days Buttock implant surgery is becoming a popular aesthetic surgery in the US. New York plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Senderoff has had over 100 patients undergo Buttock implant surgery. Dr. Senderoff says that there is a noticeable increase in the demand of this surgery in the US.

Procedure Highlights
a. A solid silicone implant will be inserted within or above the gluteus maximus (the buttock muscle).
b. The buttock implant surgery is an outpatient surgery and is said to be a safe procedure with assured results.
c. Though it is said to be a safe procedure, there are a few possible risks associated with this procedure like infection and implant asymmetry.
d. Buttock implants are available in round or oval shape.
e. For more information visit Dr. Senderoff's website www.buttockimplantsbydrsenderoff.com.
f. The procedure is priced at $8750 ( includes everything ) and patients need 7 to 10 days to resume normal activities.
g. Dr. Senderoff has also created a series of DVD's to teach other plastic surgeons the basics of buttock implant surgery.