Miami Plastic surgeon Dr. Mendieta is renowned for his expertise in buttock augmentation surgeries. Dr. Mendieta has launched a website www.buttsbymendieta.com exclusively meant for buttock augmentation. The website provides minute details of all available buttock augmentation procedures and also has hundreds of pictures of patients ( both men & women ) who have undergone the surgery.

Highlights of Buttock Implant procedure
a. Soft Silicone implants are used to attain the enhancement.
b. The implants gives a firm look ( as if somebody has been working out for a long period of time in the gym ) and a natural feel to the buttocks.
c. The implants are fixed between layers of muscles in each buttock.
d. The recovery time is usually 3-4 weeks and compression garments are recommended for the first few days after the surgery.
e. There are no scars once the healing process is complete.

Highlights of Derriere augmentation by fat grafting technique
a. Fat grafting technique involves using the patients own fat and re-inject into the muscle layers through a tiny incision.
b. Fat cells are positioned using a unique layering technique, evenly over the entire area.
c. This transferred fat develops blood supply giving a nice shape.
d. 1-2 pounds of fat is injected into each buttock.
e. The whole procedure takes 2-3 hours.
f. A patient can identify if she is an ideal candidate for fat grafting technique if they wear a dress size between 8 - 12