micro-current-therapy.jpgTo have the perfect derriere which is smooth, toned & tanned, Micro-current therapy is the perfect solution. The technique is very popular in Europe and is being used by many Hollywood stars to acheive the perfect butt. There are three steps involved in Micro-current therapy. First is exfoliation of the back with a papaya body scrub, then the procedure involves placing wires under 16 sticky pads on the thighs and bottom. The sensation of the 16 stick pads and wires underneeth, feels like pins pricking which is not very painful. The micro-currents lift and tone the area and stimulate lymphatic drinage. The final step involves the full body spray tan, using the active ingredient DHA 20.

This gives instant natural and fair looking tan, which continues to develop over the next 5-12 hours. The recommended sessions for Micro current therapy is 20 and each session costs $150. The procedure is painless and lasts for one hour thirty minutes. The procedure is available at Smooth Synergy