full-cheeks.jpg According to a study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), youthful looks depend on the volume of the deep fat compartment in the cheek. According to researchers, rejuvenating the depleting volume to this fat compartment can make the cheek more youthful. It can also improve volume loss under the eyes, eliminate 'parentheses' lines around the nose and mouth and give more curve to the upper lip. This in turn makes the face look younger. This study, co-authored by Joel Pessa, MD, ASPS Member Surgeon, was published in June's Plastic and Re constructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the ASPS.

Highlights of the study
a. Researchers injected 14 subjects with dye to identify the deep cheek fat compartment located underneath the fat beneath the skin.
b. After the injection of latex into the compartment, the cadavers were left overnight for the latex to set.
c. Then researchers located the boundaries of the fat compartment.
d. They also identified the compartment's relationship with adjacent muscles.
e. 3 additional fat compartments in the face were identified by the researchers.
f. It was seen that volume loss to the deep cheek fat compartment results in 'hollowing' of the face.
g. This makes the face look gaunt and old.
h. The restoration of this volume with fat, tissue fillers or an implant improved the hollowing and made the face look younger.
i. Results were immediate.
j. Researchers also noted that a smaller volume of filler was required if the injection was delivered correctly into the fat compartment.
k. It was however concluded that many other compartments of fat remain to be identified in the face and human body.