Plastic surgery is no longer the only option for people who wish to reshape their faces. French ingredient provider, Sederma, has recently launched Ovaliss in the anti-aging market. This product is designed to reduce the appearance of double chins which are indicators of age, obesity and weight gain. Clinical trials have proved the efficacy of the product.

Highlights of Ovaliss
a. This is an anti-aging product.
b. The application of this product can reduce the appearance of double chin.
c. It reduces the thickness of fatty tissue.
d. It has the capability to reshape facial contours.

Highlights of Ovaliss clinical trial
a. Clinical trials of the product Ovaliss was performed on 25 women.
b. All the participants applied an emulsion that contained 2.5 per cent Ovaliss during the trial period.
c. This trial was conducted over a period of 56 days.
d. It was seen that 64 per cent of the volunteers experienced a significant decrease in the fold of fat.
e. 88 per cent of the volunteers also reported a noticeable decrease in the thickness of fatty tissues.