Now, for the first time in dentistry, clear and more natural looking braces which are also self-ligating, can be found in the market. Introduced by 3M Unitek Corp., Clarity SL braces are not only aesthetically superior but also more versatile. Easily available all over the US, these braces are safe and a better alternative to traditional braces.

Highlights of Clarity SL braces
a. These are a self-ligating braces system.
b. It incorporates the latest technology with fashion.
c. It is made with translucent ceramic that easily blends in with natural teeth.
d. These braces have a clip to hold the wires in place without elastic ligatures.
e. Wire insertion and removal is easy and simple.
f. There is less patient discomfort and treatment is more efficient.
g. It ensures easy movement of faster.
h. It is easier to clean and maintain.
i. It is available all over the US.