A pearly smile is much sought after. Due to lifestyle habits like drinking coffee, red wine and smoking, more and more people are suffering the indignity of discoloured teeth. And as a result, dentists and spas are having a field day whitening teeth. However, according to a recent study, most spas and beauty salons use cheap whitening products that can lead to permanent damage. It is therefore better to go to a dentist rather than opt for a cheaper spa or salon treatment.

Safety Concerns

a. According to the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, chlorine dioxide is used in cheaper whitening agents used by spas and beauty salons.
b. It can lead to permanent erosion of teeth enamel and give teeth a darker look in the long run.
c. These chemicals are usually used for industrial purposes.
d. Beauty salons and spa are charging around £100 and advertise it as a cheaper alternative to going to a dentist.
e. Dentists use products that contain peroxide.
f. Intensive research has proved that peroxide is better for whitening teeth.
g. It requires just 3 to 4 visits to the dentist.
h. The effect lasts for about 3 years.
i. However, possible temporary side effects are sensitive teeth, gum aches and white patches on the gum line.