carifree-treatment-rinse.jpg Tooth decay is usually the work of harmful bacteria in the mouth and these thrive in acidic conditions. Oral hygiene is not enough to save teeth. Daily brushing and flossing of teeth and regular visits to the dentist may not be enough. To counter this problem, CariFree seeks to prevent tooth decay and eliminate the "drill and fill" system that has been used by dentists for years. This oral hygiene treatment consists of a swab to clean a patient's mouth. This swab is then inserted in a special solution and then placed in a testing meter to see the level of risk of cavities due to bacteria-laden biofilm. The dentist prescribes CariFree Treatment rinse and maintenance rinse to help prevent the bacteria.

Product Review
a. This oral hygiene treatment claims to kill harmful bacteria present in teeth.
b. It improves the pH level of the mouth to reduce acidity.
c. It contains a mouth rinse to make sure that the offending bacteria do not come back.
d. This is not very expensive for patients and costs less than $50.
e. Dentists have to pay $5,500 to get the CariFree system, including testing equipment and an initial supply of the rinses.
f. A single treatment shows results in 2 to 4 weeks' time.
g. More than 200 dentists are using this product and to find a dentist close to you click here