david-epstein-cosmetic-dentist.jpg Dr.David Epstein a cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry surgeon has numerous techniques he is implementing in his daily routine for a bright smile and having healthy teeth.

Hightlights of Dr. David Epstein's daily routine

a. Use of an electric toothbrush with timer. The electric toothbrush shuts off, after 2 minutes and this is sufficient to eliminate tartar and plaque out of teeth.
b. Brush teeth after every meal.
c. Use of a toothpaste called PreviDent 5000 Plus, which consists 1.1% sodium fluoride
d. Brush teeth after drinking coffee, tea or red wine to avoid formation of stains.
e. Chew sugarless gum spry, (which consists Xylitol that fights tooth decay) immediately after eating sweets.
f. Use a tongue scrapper