cosmetic-dentistry-orthodontics.jpg With people aspiring for white glittering smile, cosmetic dentistry has come to their rescue. Orthodontists and esthetic dentists are in the limelight paving way for people looking for a perfect smile.

With ageing, teeth are discolored, chipped and decayed. Cosmetic dentistry addresses all these problems. It repositions crooked, crowded, irregular or overlapping teeth, using braces, retainers.

Bleaching procedures have been known to make teeth white. There are many people visiting dentists for these procedures and there has also been an increase of over the counter teeth whiteners.

A dental veneer is a replacement for a broken tooth. It fits on like a slip cover and serves both functional and aesthetic appeal. The procedure involves polishing the tooth surface and putting the porcelain. The porcelain veneers can rebuilt how the teeth look like and give the person their original smile.

Gummy smiles
If a person has gummy smile, the front teeth looking like baby teeth, due to gum covering a lot of tooth area, there are various options counter the problem.

a. Radio-surgery: Dentist cauterizes minute pieces of loose diseased gum tissue, using electric current. Then gets rid of pockets between the teeth and gums to make a sculpted gum.
b. Lasers: After pasting a topical anesthesia on the gum tissue, a diode laser is used to vaporize the unwanted gum tissue, of about half a millimeter at a time.