crest-teeth-whitening.jpg Though the market is full of teeth whitening agents, many women find it inconvenient to use them as some of the products require considerable time and effort. Given today's hectic life, time is something most people don't have. Keeping this mind, Proctor & Gamble have come up with a new version of their Crest Whitestrips called the Crest 5 minute tooth whitener. These new strips will enter the billion dollar market for teeth whitening products. Crest teeth whitening products are currently available for 14days, 7days and 10days whitening, however the new advanced strips will make it easy for people to whiten their teeth at home.

Product Review
a. The new Crest 5 minute teeth whitening strips are peroxide based strips meant for everyday use.
b. It can remove stains on the teeth that come from drinking coffee and wine.
c. It has strips for both lower and upper teeth in the same pouch.
d. It requires just five minutes of use and are ideal for women with busy lifestyles.
e. Approximate price for 42 pouches is $39.99.
f. These strips will be available in the market from March 2007.