Dentists used to recommend brushing of teeth twice a day for good dental health. But not any longer. Research has led to the development of a new device that does away with the traditional brush and toothpaste. Many people used to ignore this traditional method due to inconvenience and laziness. Now with this device, it will be easy to maintain oral health. The Dental Air Force is an electricity powered mouth cleaning device which claims to replace brushing and flossing.

Product Review
a. This is a brushless device that runs on electricity.
b. This is a device that not only washes teeth properly but also cleans the hidden crevices between teeth and gum line.
c. The device consists of an air compressor, water and cleaner.
d. The rotated tip can reach all parts of the mouth.
e. This device is safe for tooth enamel.
f. The liquid cleaner used is mint flavored baking soda that removes bad breath and neutralizes harmful bacteria.
g. It can be helpful for sufferers of periodontal diseases.
h. It can also be used to whiten teeth at home.
i. The Dental air force® costs $239.99 to buy click here
j. To watch the video of the Dental air force® in action - Broadband users click here - Dial-up users click here