A beautiful smile can open doors and remove hurdles. It can do wonders for one's self-confidence. But what does one do if teeth are stained, chipped or misshaped? This is where dental veneers come in. These are thin shells that are bonded on to the surface of the teeth to give a better appearance. More and more people are now opting for this procedure which can be done in just one or two sittings with the dentist. Depending on their requirement, they can choose from either porcelain or a composite one. And all that they have to do is get ready for a new smile. Of course, oral hygiene is a must in all cases.

Major Benefits
a. These are thin shells of tooth colored material that is used to cover the surface of the teeth.
b. One can choose between porcelain veneer and composite veneers.
c. Porcelain veneers require two sittings with a dentist while composite veneer can be done in a single sitting.
d. The price of a porcelain veneer for a single tooth is about $900 to $2,500 while a composite veneer for a tooth is $250.
e. Composite veneer requires less removal of tooth surface than porcelain veneer.
f. Porcelain veneer is more resistant to stains than a composite veneer.
g. Veneers can change the color, size, shape and length of a tooth.
h. Porcelain veneer gives a more natural effect.
i. It is best to consult a dentist on the choice of veneer to be used.