teeth-whitening-facts.jpg With many, aspiring for a sparkling white smile, many people are on a drive to whiten their teeth. Even before consider teeth whitening procedures, dentists recommend reduction of intake of tea, coffee, tomato sauce and dark sodas. These can cause stains on teeth. Apart from this there are many things for you to take note of before going for teeth whitening.

Safety Considerations
a. Although, teeth whitening is considered safe, excess usage of peroxide based products, can lead to teeth sensitivity and irritation of gums.
b. Dental veneers used to improve smile should always be bonded to enamel. Some dentists drill the enamel and fix veneers to dentin (deep), this may sometimes cause veneer fractures, forcing you to approach dentist again. Remember, the lost enamel, is a permanent damage.
c. There is no ample evidence to show that tooth whitening, is safe for pregnant women. Pregnant women should not go for teeth whitening.
d. Teeth must be cleaned well, before going to whitening treatment. Clean teeth makes whitening product to settle well on the teeth.
e. Before and after whitening treatment, those with sensitive tooth must use sensitive toothpaste first.