The newly approved protein by FDA is considered as an ultimate solution to solve the problem of Receding Gums. The problem of Receding gums occurs when patients grind their teeth against the top and bottom. This pressure over time results in the problem of receding gums. The doctors at the Cody dental have developed a new Gum regeneration surgery, with the help of a new FDA approved protein

Procedure Review
a. The FDA approved protein is administered to the problem area, and sewn to the gums using tiny sutures.
b. The protein promotes growth of blood vessels. The results are seen within 45 minutes.
c. The recovery time is just few, days compared to recovery time with old procedures.
d. To know more about gum regeneration surgery, visit or call Dr. Jensen’s office at 303-388-0303
e. The FDA approved product is sold under the name GEM 21S (short for growth-factor enhanced matrix)